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PAX East, 2020

About Dice Bard

Founded by a party of friendly adventurers in Vancouver, BC, Dice Bard was born out of a desire to share and connect with the tabletop gaming community, to offer a unique and wide selection of dice at a reasonable rate, and to offer our bardic inspiration to fans of TTRPG across North America. Each set of dice we carry has been lovingly selected by us to bring you the highest quality sets in the market. We work closely with our factory and warehouse employees to ensure you have the best possible customer experience from the moment you first click our link, to the day your dice arrive in the mail. We do our best to ensure that any questions you have will be answered by our team in a timely, efficient, and highly charismatic manner. At Dice Bard we promise to always share our inspiration, to provide you with high quality products and service, and to aid you in your quest any way we can.

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About Madisen

Madisen began playing D&D when she was just a wee tot, having been taken under the (dragon’s) wing of her father and his gaming friends. She grew up with a love for RPG’s and often found herself slaying monsters for hours on her parents PC. Madisen earned a theatre degree in University, and began working in small business operations and administration in 2018. Thankfully, she has now put her theatre degree to use in the niche realm of “poetry concerning dice.” Madisen’s greatest love at Dice Bard has been attending conventions and connecting with people across North America.

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