About Us

Dice Bard was established in September 2017 by friends Travis McCrea and Gideon Jones, out of beautiful Vancouver BC. Travis is the one doing most of the writing and talking and poeming (i.e., it’s me right now, talking in third person… classic bard). Gideon is in charge of things like, math and knowing money things.

Our goal is simple: Be real people, selling real products, at incredibly good prices with even better service. Our sales are not just normal prices, all our sales end after 30 days at most, so if you see something you want you should buy it. Also doing good deeds, getting rich has never really been a goal of ours… we are two best friends who love playing Dungeons and Dragons and other RPGs and just want to keep doing that. So when we see someone who is in need, or who is having a rough day — we are probably going to shoot them a free set of dice (or I will, and Gideon will make another attempt to explain how “budgets” work).

Please check out our store, shop around, and feel free to email [email protected] at any point and we hope your life will be a little happier at the end of our interaction.