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Best Dice For Druids

If you are looking for druid dice, here are some of our best dice for you:

Circle of Dreams Dice

Druids who are members of the Circle of Dreams are often associated with the Feywild. Dream Druids look to the natural world and good fey to use magic to bring joy. So in the dice to represent them you will want earth tones and dice that bring joy to those who look at them.

Rainbow Circle of Dreams Druid Dice Our Rainbow Dice would show the love and compassion while also be colourful and flamboyant much like the fey Dream Druids are so closely tied to. We really love these pride dice and we always love an excuse to show them off, but we also really feel that they would be the first set of dice a dream druid would grab.

If you want something a little less flashy but still fey, maybe you should consider our fantastic translucent dice, in particular our translucent green dice.

Translucent Green Circle of Dreams Dice

The translucent green circle of dreams dice would be an ideal candidate for any person with a strong connection to the feywild. In the light the green refracts giving a glow to the surface below it. It represents the natural colours of the Feywild while also embracing the magic.  From a mechanical perspective we really love translucent dice because they have the highest level of QC, we can see through them and throw them out if there are any imperfections.

Circle of the Land Dice

The Circle of the Land is made up of mystics and sages who safeguard ancient knowledge and rites through a vast oral tradition. These druids meet within sacred circles of trees or standing stones to whisper primal secrets in Druidic. The circle’s wisest members preside as the chief Priests of communities that hold to the Old Faith and serve as advisors to the rulers of those folk. As a member of this circle, your magic is influenced by the land where you were initiated into the circle’s mysterious rites.

For your Circle of Land dice what you want dice that show age and speak to wisdom.

Circle of the Land Druid Dice, blue Abalone

Our Deep Sea Abalone dice give the feeling of mysticism blended with wisdom. It’s like looking out over a magical ocean twisting in upon itself. These blue druid dice have brown swirled and cracked into it. These are also my personal favourite sub $20 dice that we offer. If you are an ocean druid, or a druid with a close association with water then there is no other choice for you than these.

You can go a different direction, however, and get our Scanlan’s Dream and ACE dice. Purple being such a magical colour with the swirls of grey mixed into them make this a dice that feels aged and magical. Whenever I bring these dice out in front of new people they always pick them up and look at them they are just so beautiful.

Circle of the Moon Dice

Druids of the Circle of the Moon are fierce guardians of the wilds. Their order gathers under the full moon to share news and trade warnings, They haunt the deepest parts of the wilderness, where they might go for weeks on end before crossing paths with another humanoid creature, let alone another druid.

Druid Dice Moon Druid 5e Black Translucent Swirls Dice

For  Circle of the Moon Druid Dice you are going to want to select something bestial and changing, our Black Translucent Swirls dice really do the job here. They are dark, mysterious, and the swirls can easily symbolize the changing nature of wild shape that is such a critical part of the Moon Druid. I personally find these dice to have the most underrated photos, it’s very hard to capture just how fantastic the swirls look against the transparent resin around them.

The beautiful thing about dice for Circle of the Moon druids are their changing shape makes them compatible with so many of our dice, you can go brighter you can go darker you can get sparkles you can get spacey. Be the dice you want to see in the world.

Water Ashari Dice - Blue and Black Moon Druid Dice

Still dark and mysterious, another great option for your moon druid is Water Ashari Blue and Black Marbled Swirl Dice. These beautiful dice also swirl and writhe but with sold blue inking the black dice. These are incredibly pretty dice and would be perfect for any Circle of the Moon druid who needed a set of dice to represent more water creatures (Orca Druid!?).  The gold inking of the numbers really allow them to pop so if you need high contrast dice that are easier to read these also fit that bill too.

Circle of the Shepherd Dice

Coming out of Unearthed Arcana the Circle of the Shepherd is a great circle for all the animal lovers, getting to conjure spirit guides and creates to help you along your journey. Druids who are members of the Circle of the Shepherd typically commune with the spirits of beasts, and stand as their protector in a society that views animals as things to own and control. These druids typically enjoy being around animals more than they enjoy being around other humanoids. Staying far from the cities and populas areas tend to create the idea that these druids are hermits to those who see them.

Circle of the Shepherd Unicorn Poop Dice

Firs of all, you can embody the spirit of the unicorn with this class… and if you are going to go full unicorn, you need to get Unicorn Poop Blue and Purple Swirl Dice.

Unicorn Spirit The unicorn spirit lends its protection to those nearby. You and your allies gain advantage on all ability checks made to detect creatures in the spirit’s aura. In addition, if you cast a spell with a spell slot that restores hit points to anyone inside or outside the aura, each creature of your choice in the aura also regains hit points equal to your druid level.

Many of our brown and earthy dice would be great choices for the shepherd dice. The great thing about our store is you can always just search by colour, for instance here are our brown dice, here are our green dice, and here are our blue dice.

Circle of Spores Dice

Druids of the Circle of Spores find beauty in decay. They see within mold and other fungi the  ability to transform lifeless material into  abundant, albeit somewhat strange, life. These druids believe that life and death are portions of a grand cycle, with one leading to the other and then back again. Death is not the end of life, but instead a change of state that sees life shift into a new form.

Druids of this circle have a complex  relationship with the undead. Unlike most other druids, they see nothing inherently wrong with undeath, which they consider to be a companion to life and death. However, these druids believe that the natural cycle is healthiest when each segment of it is vibrant and changing. Undead that seek to replace all life with undeath, or avoid passing to a final rest, violate the cycle and must be thwarted.

Unearthed Arcana

I’ve never played one of these and until writing this article I didn’t even know they existed but I am kinda in love with the Circle of Spores druid. However, I have so many dice suggestions for this circle, but I’ll limit it to two:

Circle of Spores Glow In The Dark Green DiceTo start with our pale green glow in the dark dice are just the perfect match for this, not only do they thrive in the darkness like the fungus these druids worship but they are the right colour the right feel and honestly there is no reason you should be reading this anymore. These are the perfect dice for your druid.  What’s great about these dice is they also glow really easily, when the room is dim you will still see them just a little brighter than the rest of your dice. We love them and you should love them too.

Black Spore Dice, moss and fungus dnd dice

If you’re not into glowing dice or you just want to get a second set (because there is no reason you shouldn’t be buying the glow in the dark dice for the circle of spores), you should consider the Goblins Blood Green and Black Swirl Dice. While we named this “Goblin’s Blood” you can easily see this as the green grass being taken over by the black blight creeping through the life ready to strangle it and devour it as is part of the circle of life.

As I said before there are so many great druid dice for the Circle of Spores there is the Forged Copper Swirl Dice and Sun Tree Yellow and Green Marbled Swirl Dice maybe even the Heart of the Tiefling Black and Red Swirl Dice. Seriously, I’m so ready to play this.

Circle of Twilight Dice

If the Circle of Spores is all about bringing back the dead and embracing the undead then they will have an enemy of the Circle of Twilight. The Circle of Twilight is all about ensuring the dead stay dead.

The best Circle of Spores dice are clearly the pale green glow in the dark, but you are a healer and while you also work in darkness perhaps a glowing purple dice is more your direction. This is not as cut and dry as the other, but I thought I would provide the contrast to the spores with the glow in the dark purple. These, like the translucent swirl dice, are really hard to photograph well… they look much better in real life than they do in photos, I am happy to have a set of these in my personal collection (another reason these are getting added here).

If that isn’t your direction, what about a set of flat black dice? These dice are beautiful and also incredibly affordable. They are one of our most popular solid opaque dice and the reason for it is clear, they are high contrast dice for readability and also look good and make perfect gifts if you are trying to buy a lot of dice for a lot of people.

That’s it… this article started with me thinking “alright I’ll say ‘here are your druid dice’ and then link to a few green dice and call it good” but then as I learned more and more about all the circles I realized they all deserved to be called out and you needed to know what dice went best with them.

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