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Five Deceitful Dungeons and Dragons Monsters

Watch out! These deceitful Dungeons and Dragons monsters are around the corner they could be hidden in plain sight or maybe even disguised as your friends…

Dungeons and Dragons is known for its multitude of dangerous monsters and creatures that are able to inflict fates worse than death. You probably could recognize a dragon or a beholder with ease, but what about the monsters that you can’t identify so easily? We brought you a list with interesting monsters to watch out for while adventuring.

1. Gelatinous Cube.

You might be asking yourself “What’s so scary about a big wall of Jell-O?” Well these things need a wisdom check JUST to be seen and they love to hide in plain sight on the corridors and small spaces of dungeons. Any adventurer that gets trapped will get engulfed by them and take continuous acid damage. Also, don’t let any hunters or warlocks get near them.

2. Cranium Rat.

Cranium rats look and act just like normal ones, except that they have their brains exposed and have innate psionic abilities. They also get smarter whenever they are close to each other. The most famous example of their potential can be seen on the game Planescape: Torment, where a colony of cranium rats formed a powerful collective mind known as Many-as-One.

3. Atropal Scion.

Oh boy, depending on your point of view, an Atropal Scion can be either one of the most interesting or the most inappropriate creatures of the DnD franchise. They are pieces of flesh from divine entities that were given unlife and form by the most evil gods. Atropals look like still-born fetuses and are cunning and extremely powerful.

4. Doppelganger.

Doppelgangers resemble tall and athletic gray aliens, and are deceptively strong and swift. These creatures are exceptionally self-centered and love to literally take other people’s lives. After studying an individual, the Doppelganger will murder them and then take their form and appearance. A nice guy to have around if you like adventures centered on betrayals and spies.

5. Roper.

Resembling a simple pile of rocks or a stalagmite, ropers are vicious creatures that are able to grapple their victims with tendrils and damage four enemies at once. They also like to bite off chunks of flesh from adventurers who have annoyed their DMs.
If you like surprises then you’ll probably like to encounter these monsters on your adventures, just don’t let their initial appearance deceit you, as they can put a premature end to your journey.

Perhaps your players might need an exotic weapon to help them in their battles against these tricky foes?

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Exotic Dungeons and Dragons Weapons To Spice Up Your Game

Sometimes when you’re DMing D&D you just want a weapon that either your players can search for, to give as a reward, or to give your big bad. Here is a short list of the best exotic weapons you have never heard of.

The world of Dungeons and Dragons has a lot of powerful weapons. Swords that can melt the minds and hearts of those foolish enough to wield them and magical staves that are able to make powerful sorcerers out of farmers. But everyone knows about these weapons, and the chances are that your DM won’t let you have any of those so easily. So why don’t you pick an exotic weapon? Most of these weapons were introduced in the 3.5 edition of the game and are as deadly as they are weird, let’s check them out!

Mercurial sword

Why fight using a simple and balanced sword when you can cut your enemies with a cooler but deliberately unbalanced one? This exotic weapon is filled with mercury on the inside which is moved outwards when swung, making it heavier at the moment of the attack. Due to being unbalanced the wielder receives a -2 penalty on attack rolls but increases its Critical Multiplier by +2. Make sure to roll only your lucky dice (perhaps a beautiful set of metal dice?) whenever you fight with this weapon equipped.


“Necessity is the mother of invention” that is probably what the guy that invented the Sugliin told himself. This bizarre weapon is fashioned like a scythe, but it has antlers instead of a single blade. This curious weapon has a high base attack bonus that will wipe the smile out of anyone that doesn’t take it seriously.
Scorpion Claws. You don’t need a lot of imagination to picture this weapon in your mind. These weapons have the look of scorpion pincers and use an internal mechanism that makes them capable of opening and closing. When they are open they deal slashing damage and when they are closed they deal piercing damage. They also enhance your grappling attacks, but don’t let your DM know about this.

Spiked Chain

While this weapon might sound painful to use, it is the most useful one. The spiked chain can be used