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History of The Mage Wars

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a heads up that this is going to be a post about our current campaign here at the office. We should hopefully post after every session (but might fail as all attempts at blogging seem to do for me) but I’ll give a quick recap of our story up until this point and then start you off in the action


Our adventurers met, much like most adventurers do: In a tavern. Cailyn – The Elvin Fighter, a strong but quiet force; Nobu – The Catkin Rogue who had a taste for thievery and milk; Brommund Thunderforge – The Dwarven unfavoured prince Cleric, strong in stature, strong in heart, drunk on ale; and me, Da’Rell Songwhisperer The Teifling Bard, and the handsome glue that keeps the party together.

Look lot’s of stuff happened but basically we go on a mission to find a mage who has been taken prisoner by the king, turns out there are bigger forces at play we meet¬†Elrin – A halfling (hobbit) druidic diplomat on a mission to renegotiate water rights for his community. We find out that magic has been outlawed and magic users are being persecuted. We are the chosen ones, we pass some tests and get some [editors note: over powered] wondrous items to help us on our journey. Cailyn the ranged fighter gets a bow that returns to her [editors note: yeah, not the arrows, the bow… itself…], Nobu received a cloak of invisibility that eventually got damaged [editors note: nerfed] to only work once a day and to only work until an attack is made, Brommund got a couple of vial of true resurrection, Elrin got a bunch of griffon feathers which would call 5 griffons to assist or help us travel each time we used one of the 10 feathers, and I received a lute of modify memory.

We were sent on a quest to find some orbs [editors note: SUCH unique storytelling], we initially had to agree to bring them back to the mages and let them have safe keeping of them we instead negotiated our promise to be “we will do everything we can to avoid the world literally ending” and with that massive loophole we were off to collect these orbs.

We fought a dragon, didn’t do so well I almost died and now am scarred up on the side of my face, but after we killed the massive terrible dragon [editors note: seriously it was a baby dragon] AFTER WE DEFEATED THE TERRIBLE HUGE MASSIVE DRAGON I used fragments of it’s skull to hide half of my face and all of the scarring [editors note: which is great, it was hideous]. We saved some friends, we saved some dwarves, we found out the humans who hate magic users are working with some magic users, dragonborns, and dragons to kill… magic users… apparently the dragons are running the show now. We made our way to Brommunds home and thwart an invasion force, we ensure his dad gains the throne, and Elrin killed a bunch of people so he got executed, it was sad. Then we met a guy but I can’t say his name so I call him Sue. Also I really like this girl named Tika and she has been kinda around throughout this whole ordeal but now it seems like she has a thing for Sue and so we will see how that goes.

And now…