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Location Table – 20 Rum Brands That Would Make Great Location Names

Life is better at the beach

As the rain sets in on our beautiful Vancouver paradise, thoughts turn to summer again. Forgetting the burns and the awfulness which is that glowing orb of cancer and squintyness, I am drawn to the salty cool breeze of the beaches of Cuba.

One thing I find missing in Dungeons and Dragons and other RPG content is good Spanish inspired content, so I tried to make sure that Spanish was well represented in this location table. Thus, I provide you with a d20 location table which you can use to come up with fast location names in your campaign. You can use a quick d20 to generate location names.

1. Stroh
2. Pussers
3. Botran
4. Carúpano
5. Damoiseau
6. Belmont
7. Oronoco
8. Kwilu
9. Riise
10. Takamaka
11. Broadslab
12. Hoochery
13. Zacapa
14. Barcelo
15. Matusalem
16. Dogfish
17. Bounty
18. Bundaberg
19. Parce
20. Barrilito

I didn’t use overly common brands nor did I use places that I know to be real cities (Havana, you’re out). If enough people like this I’d be happy to make a PDF and perhaps create some other beverage inspired content.

Drinking Too Much Rum

Also just in case your party decides to hit the sauce in your rum inspired town, we have a great skillcheck from u/MilitantLobster. For each drink, roll a CON saving throw, starting at 10 and adding +2 for each additional drink.

Failures Effect Hangover Duration
0 Sober – Whatever you have or haven’t drunk isn’t effecting you yet. No Hangover
1 Tipsy – Gain Advantage on Charisma based checks and saving throws. 1d4 – CON
2 Buzzed – Take Disadvantage on all Dexterity based checks and saving throws. Gain Advantage on all Strength based checks and saving throws. 1d6 – CON
3 Drunk – Gain the Inebriated condition. 1d8 – CON
4 Black Out – No memory of events during this phase. Gain the Poisoned condition. 1d10 – CON
5 Passed Out – Gain the Unconscious condition. 1d12 – CON
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