Complete Adventurers 29 Dice Kit


“Can I borrow everyone’s d6?” She asked
as she had a thousand times before
“I need them for the spell I cast
I only have one now, I really need more”

As it happened the time of thrice
in a single night of gaming
“It’s time to get the Adventurers Dice,
or you’ll be the one we’re maiming”

This is the perfect set of DnD 5e dice. Also good for pathfinder!

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This 29 piece set of DND dice is the only set of dice you will ever need (but are they the only dice you would ever want?).  Healing spells, healing potions, fireball, sleep, inflict wounds, great axe, and of course advantage and disadvantage rolls for your d20s plus everything else you would ever want in a single set of dice. You should rarely ever need to reroll dice again. Plus all are conveniently colour coded so you can reach out grab them and be ready to go. This is basically a hogshead of dice.


Below are a list of all your DND Dice / Pathfinder Dice that are included in this set:


Do you like casting Magic Missile? Acid Arrow? Coming in with a Vicious Mockery? Or perhaps you are a healer or drink a lot of healing potions? 5d4 is exactly what you need.


If you need to cast the most epic fireball, pick up a handful of orange d6s and fire away. Be careful, falling damage could result in a lot of d6s as well.


There are plenty of spells that require the D8, sleep, chromatic orb, and more… having 5d8 at the ready at any time is perfect for all the spellcasters


In the beginning d10s don’t seem to be used as much, but gain a few levels and you will be releasing some devastating spells and you will need all of these.

2d12 (RED DICE)

Pick up that great-axe and do some serious damage, or perhaps give out some bardic inspiration. (If you are playing a Bard consider our Pay-What-You-Want Bard College.

2d20 (BLUE DICE)

Everyone loves the d20 they are the iconic DND dice. It’s a fantastic instrument of life and death, chaos and balance. The Adventurer’s Kit includes 2 of them for advantage and disadvantage or rolling for multiple attacks.


These are mostly used by DMs but also clerics might roll them or your DM might want you to calculate a percentage. Roll this with a d10 and you effectively have a d100.

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