Complete Adventurers 29 Dice Kit

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“Can I borrow everyone’s d6?” She asked
as she had a thousand times before
“I need them for the spell I cast
I only have one now, I really need more”

As it happened the time of thrice
in a single night of gaming
“It’s time to get the Adventurers Dice,
or you’ll be the one we’re maiming”

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This 29 piece set of dice is the only set of dice you will ever need (but are they the only dice you would ever want?).  Healing spells, healing potions, fireball, sleep, inflict wounds, great axe, and of course advantage and disadvantage rolls for your d20s plus everything else you would ever want in a single set of dice. You should rarely ever need to reroll dice again. Plus all are conveniently colour coded so you can reach out grab them and be ready to go.


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