Ancient Gold Metal Dice


In the forge, glowing brightly
these dice full of possibility
ready to be displayed so sightly
and for using with dependability

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Beautiful gold metal dice with a good amount of heft, slay your enemies in style! Our ancient steel comes from the dwarven mines of Khulturm: a once powerful city until their mines broke through to the underdark.

These dice are weighty and feel wonderful to roll, their solid metal design ensures perfect balance. Our “Ancient Series” of metal dice look great, roll fair and should be wielded only by the most epic of characters. If your dice have this much character, you can let your imagination run wild with their back story! When playing 5e these dice are obviously ancient relics from a long lost dwarven village. Playing a d20 space adventure? These are clearly hunks of asteroids hammered into shape (though personally we are rather fond of our Galaxy Dice for space faring adventures). Where ever your adventure takes you, these beautiful metal dice will set you apart at your gaming table.

Each dice weighs about 5 – 6 times more than a typical plastic counterpart, with the d20 weighing in at approximately 30 grams. For comparison a standard AA battery weighs 24 grams. This weight is obviously what gives them their satisfying feel, but it also leads to a more controlled roll. These dice don’t scatter, they roll just enough to ensure randomness, but they wont fly off the table. The first time you roll them, you’ll feel like Bilbo dropping The One Ring when he leaves for Rivendell: like they have a gravity all of their own.

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