Bard College: College of Dice

Some colleges teach songs and sonnets but it’s magic and trickery that puts the bee in your bonnet. The College of Dice focuses on blending deception and inspiration, magic and illusion. Blending gambling and trickery, the bards that succeed in this college can have a very prosperous life ahead of them, if they don’t get caught.



Do you want to have the ultimate Dice Bard? Here is your chance. The College of Dice is a gambler/street magic college for the bard that is balanced for RP and fighting providing boosts to not only what you can do but to your entire party.

This is set as a “Pay What You Want” item and if you would like to contribute, we welcome it; but our focus is making a great product that you want to play with. Feel free to come back and just buy a set of dice for your new bard if you enjoy playing this archetype. Also, if you are playing with a Dice Bard please email [email protected] we would love to hear how it works out for you.



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