Custom Printable Miniature Commission

$60 $50

Do you want a miniature
But you’re worried
A custom is premature?
You should feel hurried,
because these are going fast
and you know you want one

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Would you like to use something a little more custom? Want your custom miniature to be uniquely you? We offer custom commissions for people who would like something a little more. You will get a custom miniature of any large creature or smaller with front and back art, including a sketch to review before providing your completed product.

All art will be done in the same style as the rest of our miniatures to ensure it looks good in your game. In the order notes, please include everything you can about what you want:

  • Colours to use (hair, eyes, armour)
  • Race/Creature
  • Similar Art
  • Clothing/Armour
  • Anything else you want  (Keep in mind details need to be able to still look good at 1inch scale)

Once we have your order, we will email you to confirm information with you and then start on your custom miniature. All 3rd party commissions will be only done with artists who are paid fairly for their time, Dice Bard doesn’t accept free art and pays artists at each step of the creation process.

We specialize in 5e and can do pretty much any creature in the Monster Manual, but we also do other games such as:

THERE IS A $10 DISCOUNT IF YOU ALLOW US TO USE YOUR MINIATURE. If you would like to let us use your miniature we will refund you $10 or give you $20 in store credit upon approval.

We can only produce 3 miniatures a month so we will keep this post updated with current wait times.

Current Wait: 2 Weeks


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