Dragon’s Fire Marbled Red and Black


Awesome, light, and full of swirls
here are the dice you want the most.
Though you know I’m not one to boast,
these make me give an excited twirl

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Part of our mixed marbled colour series, these Dragon’s Fire red and black dice are quite stunning. The swirling mix of red and black lend themselves well to any characters that are a little on the … chaotic side of the alignment grid. These beautiful dice suit a wide range of both players and characters, here’s just some of the characters we’ve run into that use the Dragon’s Fire.


Evalon the outcast, specialist in pyromancy and necromancy! These red and black dice sum up his preferred streams of magic nicely. Locals asked him to move to the edge of town, after just one too many “nearly burning down the tavern” incidents. That suits him fine though, it’s near the cemetery.

Dragon Born

These are the dice for a dragon born characters! Especially if you are playing in a chromatic dragon world, and your ancestry happens to be either red or black dragons (or both). We know too many dragon born that use these red and black dice to name just one. Depending on your Draconian heritage, the Goblin’s blood (green and black) or the Kobald’s Cobalt (blue and black) are also strong options.


If your characters has a bit of blacksmithing in their backstory, be they dwarf or barbarian: these dice are right at home. Reminding them of their fiery heritage and the molten steel that forged their weapons. Don’t miss the opportunity to exclaim with every natural 20 “Strike while the iron’s hot!’ or other classic blacksmith battle cries.

Dice Stats

Number of dice in set: 7: d4, d6, d8, d10 (units), d10 (tens), d12, d20

Colors: 3: Red, Black, Gold (lettering for digits)

Weight of d20: 11g

Balance tested: Yes

Additional information

Weight0.03 kg
Dimensions7 × 6 × 1.5 cm


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