Dragon’s Hide Dice Bag


A beautiful dice bag made from the hides of black dragons, it was a daring quest but one we had to take to ensure our customers got only the highest quality goods from their local dice monger. It doesn’t matter if you play with different dice for Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons, or any other RPG… this bag is big enough to fit at least 50 dice in it.



This fantastic dice bag has everything you need to store all your dice. Made from the most fantastic creatures*, you will find the quality is impeccable.  We are confident that dragons will be the ones feeling the fear as you march into their dungeons and hold up your bag, declaring:

“this is what I did to your brother, now kneel before me before I make a new bag out of you.”

Or they will turn you into ash, I’m not sure. We are sure that you will love our dice bag with all your heart, just as we love ours.


Don’t just hold 50 dice, hold a pencil and your mini! This “dice bag” will also fit decks of cards and counters/tokens as well. This is a great option for carrying your Magic the Gathering cards, Pokemon cards, or those long lost Yu-Gi-Oh! cards that you have been waiting to carry around in a great bag.

Each dice bag has a beautiful dragon hide leather exterior but super soft interior that will keep your miniatures, dice, and other things safe for years.

* This is not real dragon leather, it’s actually pleather and no real life animals were killed in the creation of these bags. If dragons existed we would try to befriend them, probably. Unless they were jerks.


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