Drinking Horn Coffee Mug


“Skål!” They yell, horns raised up
“Today our foes are vanquished!
“Victory due to this great cup!
“for those without will languish”

Be a good viking, get a great horn mug.

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If you like drinking coffee and tea like we do, you’ll be absolutely in love with our goat horn coffee horn (but actually plastic) drinking mug. This mug is practical, sustainable, and looks good. It comes with two carrying straps so you can carry it over your shoulder, attached to your belt, or on your purse. It comes with a metal interior to keep your beverages nice and hot while also comes with a spill proof lid that is all dishwasher safe!

You’re probably looking at it and thinking “Yes, Mr Dice Bard, this Coffee Horn looks fantastic it’s reasonably priced and I want to buy it… but where would I set it down?” Well fine sir or madame, the beauty is in it’s design. The sleeve not only is a sleeve but also inverts to become a holder to sit your coffee horn into. As we all know the vikings were strong environmentalists and when they drank coffee they would only use the most sustainable mugs and the most ethically brewed coffee.

Coffee Horn Is The Star

Raise your coffee horn into the sky and yell “Huzzah!” as you drink your nectar of the gods from your horn as all great warriors do. Everyone will be so impressed, I’m sure your Dungeon Master will give you inspiration as he sees your commitment to the real world environment while also committing to being a badass.

Starbucks Cups Are Not Recyclable

Did you know that you cannot recycle a Starbucks cup? It has a wax coating on it which basically prevents your drink from turning the cup into mush, but also means it cannot be recycled. If you are recycling your cup you might actually be doing more harm because the rest of the recycled goods that were in the bin actually have to be trashed as well. So why not use a reusable cup instead? Since you’re here, how about you pick up this one.


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