Dwarven Chiseled Gold Metal Dice

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Golden dice from Dwarven mines,
Worth their weight and hard to find.
Finest craftsmen in the land,
Made with care by Dwarven hands.

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We know you love Gold Metal Dice and Brass Metal Dice and here is a fantastic set just for you. Deep in the dwarven mines of Vughdoral there lies a crafter Rasgur Forgehammer who is the finest smithy in all of Queens Treasure. These have been forged from a fire that has not been extinguished in over a millenia, started from the breath of a dragon. Deep inside these high quality works of art burns an ancient flame that gives luck to all those who wield them.

These dice, are beautifully weighted and have nice solid corners for decisive rolls. These are the perfect gift for anyone who are looking for beautiful gold metal dice and black inlay. If you don’t like the recessed dice face, you can also get our other gold set Ancient Gold Metal. Every set of dice include free shipping, satisfaction guaranteed, and a lot of love.

We refer to these dice as gold metal, but they are a zinc alloy and we find the colour works great as gold or brass metal dice.

History of Dwarven Steel in DND

This has nothing to do with these dice, but I thought I would include a little bit about Dwarven Steel and it’s lore in 3.5e.

Lore: Dwarven steel was crafted by the God of the Dwarves himself, Moradin. Because of the countless enemies underground, he created this alloy using the two strongest metals known to Dwarven kind: Mitral and Adimantine. Dwarven steel is rarely seen outside of Dwarven specialty units, and royal guards, because of it obscene cost. It’s even more unusual to see it in the hands of a non-Dwarf. Its recipe is a well guarded secret that is unknown to those outside Dwarven royalty, and smithy’s to Kings. Many races, besides those that have seen Dwarves fight underground, see no practical use for this equipment because of its extreme weight; however, they are willing to pay through the nose for anything made of this material because of its’ quality.

Keep in mind our Dwarven Chiseled Gold Metal Dice were handcrafted by Rasgur in Vughdoral, a far superior metal than Moradin’s swill.

Properties of Dwarven Steel:

  • The durability of this material is equal to that of both Mitral and Adimantine.
  • There are no light versions of this material.
  • This metal emits a soft yellow glow in a 10 ft radius; this is reduced to 5 ft. in total darkness. It deals 1d4 to any undead that enter this radius

    These dice are perfect for any adventure whether you’re playing DnD, Pathfinder, or some other homebrew tabletop RPG campaign with your friends.

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