Glacial Magic Storm Dice


Brr it’s cold, is it your dice?


Wont they hurt you, freeze you blind?



This poem was taken from an ancient white dragon’s early forays into composition. Though they are long lived, near god like creatures, who live lonesome and mysterious lives: their poetry is awful. Despite this, you however can enjoy free shipping the world over and enjoy these beautiful finely made layered dice.

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This beautiful blue layered D&D dice fade from clear to deep blue. They’re hard to make but worth the trouble, we think! Evoking themes of cold, snow or ice, these dice suit any magic user who throws cold magic around. We know that not every spell-caster restricts their list of spells by element. Obviously most magic users will have the occasional fire spell in the mix with their frosty arsenal. We’re just saying that when you cast cold spells these are the perfect dice. Then, when you cast fire spells, use something like our Dragon’s Fire set, or perhaps our Red Translucent Dice!

After all, surely no self-respecting magic user is still messing around with only two or three sets of dice after level 5? We know you understand the added power a spell receives when cast using theme appropriate dice. While your GM is obviously the law at your gaming table, around our table: we enjoy the house rule that elementally on point D&D dice raise the DC of the spell save by 1.

What’s in the set?

The standard seven dice set for role-playing any d20 system or of course these work as D&D dice: 1xd4, 1xd6, 1xd8, 2xd10, 1xd12, 1xd20

We float test all our dice for balance at time of production.

When to use your D&D dice…

At level three, fighters gain the feat “second wind”. A handy trick that means, once per long rest your character can role a d12 and add it to their hit points as a bonus action (as of fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons). At our table, every second wind must come with a dramatic soliloquy explaining this new burst of energy. Usually these must include at least somewhere the phrase “…but that is not this day”, or some variant.


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