Glamorous Gold Glitter Dice


From the deepest dwarven mines
you can hear a little clink
as the gold flows like our rhymes
glug their way down a sink

Don’t buy dice based on bad poetry, base them on fantastic quality. Pick up a set of these glorious gold dice today.

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Do you want the luxury of owning gold dice, but also don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on real gold? Perhaps you have a rogue who likes sparkly things? Clearly, you need Dice Bard’s Glamorous Gold Glitter Dice which are gold and sparkly! These beautiful clear resin dice with gold glitter inside are fantastic for both weight and reliability. The ability to see through the dice and ensure there are no airbubbles ensures our dice are well balanced, and the weight of the resin makes them a little heavier than our standard plastic dice which are a bit lighter.

If you want balanced dice for your Tabletop Role Playing Games (TTRPGs) and you want them to look good, and feel good, then you need our glitter dice and if you want our most popular sparkly  dice you should look no further than our Glamorous Gold Glitter dice. Alliteration.

These sparkle dice would be a wonderful choice if you are planning on playing a rogue, a dwarf, or any other race or character who just loves gold.

If you are curious about how to value D&D 5e gold in modern terms here’s a break down

Gold Dice vs Gold Price

The players handbook says:

So let’s generously assume a D&D gold piece contains approximately 1/4 ounce of gold (the coin itself might weigh more, depending on the purity of the coin, etc.). Taking a look at today’s prices, gold is currently trading at around $580 per ounce. That means a D&D gold piece might be considered the equivalent of roughly $145.

However, there is so much more to the price of gold… keep in mind that this answer above was written in 2006 and we have had inflation and markets are different now so a better way to compare the price would be to the price of food, according to Chris Alexander

In the 5th edition player’s handbook, a pound of wheat is worth 1 copper piece. A Winchester Bushel weighs about 506.82 pounds, at the given exchange of 100cp to 1 gp, that gives a price on a gold piece of about $35.66.The methods to get this figure seem pretty solid, but could use some further examination.

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