Isometric D&D Silk Canvas Print


Find treasure, adventure, and glory with this beautiful piece of art by Citysaurus, sold exclusively through Printed on high quality silk, the fun and vibrant colors of this piece won't fade like traditional paper posters, giving you a product you can enjoy for years.

This unique piece of wall art is a perfect fit for any dungeon delver's office, bedroom, or game room.

Select from a variety of sizes. If silk's not your style, we also offer two sizes of this print on cotton canvas. Please note that the canvas material is heavier and may result in slightly dulled colors.

At Dicebard, we support talented artists like Citysaurus who produce unique artwork for the gaming community — the majority of every purchase goes directly to the artist!



There once was an artist named Javi
who started doodling as a hobby
Then one night
he was paid right
and now art is his


Here are just a few more reasons why you will love this print!

  • Dungeons & Dragons Art Print by Citysaurus (Javi)
  • Show off your love of Dungeons and Dragons
  • Rich vibrant colors printed on high quality silk
  • Sizes ranging from 12in x 18in to 30in x 30in

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12x18inch Silk, 13x20inch Silk, 16x24inch Silk, 20x27inch Silk, 20x30inch Silk, 20x36inch Silk, 24x36inch Silk, 32x48inch Silk, 24x43inch Silk, 20x20inch Silk, 24x24inch Silk, 30x30inch Silk, 30x40cm Canvas, 50x70cm Canvas


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