Maritime Misadventures Ch 1


The first chapter in a five part campaign that lets you sail the seas of Queens Treasure on a mission to help an odd captain. Fight yetis, krakens, and more. For levels 4-6.

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Summary: The players, a part of a ship crew, are asked to retrieve a shipment that is alarmingly late. The shipment contains rations for the winter and other important stuff for the local business, that can be found only in the Snowport area. The players must head out to find the shipment and return it, but in the process they will run across many difficult challenges.

Before the Story Suggestions:

1) As the story features a plot twist around the crew members and captain Stanwood, it would be better if the players were not already part of his crew. Alternatively, they could have been part of his crew for the past few days(if you want to skip the meet and greet encounter).

2)Each player, depending on his class could have been hired for a different reason:

-Barbarian/Fighter, as a sailor, on the ropes

-Spell casters, as magic experts, cartographers or healers on the voyage

-Rogues as diplomats, thieves, skilled with ropes or even merchants

3)Suggested level for the adventure: 4th level, as most of the encounters and battles will be around that level. If you want to increase the difficulty, drop it to 3rd level. If you want to make it easier, make them level 5.

GM Tip: Keep in mind that in the middle of the adventure it would be wise to award your players with a level. After the second chapter, while they sail at the sea, it would be a good idea to hand them a level but that is entirely up to you.

Story into Chapters:

Chapter 1: The Missing Goods

Summary: The players find their way in Stanwood’s crew, who needs them for a job. The players with their new crew must retrieve a shipment, in Snowport, which is alarmingly late and requires to be brought back immediately.


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