Pride Rainbow Dice

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Role playing games are a great way to be yourself! At Dice Bard, we are proud to celebrate our friends in the LGBTQ+ tabletop community. These dice are our salute to the bisexual bards, the pansexual paladins, the trans tieflings, the asexual artificers, and everyone in between.

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Special edition rainbow pride dice.

DnD has, in many ways, become a safe-haven for those who have experienced prejudice because of their sexuality. Love is love, and we value tabletop games as a place we can all be ourselves. This set of pride dice says “DND is for Everyone” and lets your LGBTQ+ or Ally flag fly high.

These Pride Dice are our most popular selling dice month after month and it’s no surprise really. We are so happy to be able to have them in our shop, and so proud to serve such a fantastic group of people. Dice Bard has always been about inclusivity and our goal is to get a set of these dice on every table.

Don’t wait for Pride Month to come around, grab these rainbow dice today.

What’s in the set?

This dice set contains the standard 7 dice types required for role-playing. Compatible with any d20 system or dungeons and dragons: 1xd4, 1xd6, 1xd8, 1xd10, 1x%, 1xd12, 1xd20. We float test all our dice for balance during production.

These dice are perfect for any adventure whether you’re playing DnD, Pathfinder, or some other homebrew tabletop RPG campaign with your friends.

1 review for Pride Rainbow Dice

  1. benjamin.t.andrews (verified owner)

    Dice Bard!
    Your shipping and delivery speeds left me Flatfooted,
    And these Pride Dice are a Critical Hit!
    Condragulations, you are the winner of this weeks challenge!

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