Granite Quarry Red Blue and Green Speckled Dice

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Mixed in colour like magic stone,
Carved from iron hard dragon bone.
These dice will aid you on your quest,
To beat your foes and come out best!

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If you lived in the kind of world where magic flowed through the very rocks beneath your feet, then this would be the color of the stone hewn from quarries. Opaque marbled red green and blue merge and swirl on the surface of these dice to create beautiful patterning.

These aren’t stone, but they have a certain granite rock like speckling which reminds us of stony fragments, cracked from the heart of a remote mountain. Not that we at Dice Bard have technically worked in the quarries of remote mountain mines, but we have active imaginations.

What’s in the set?

This dice set contains the standard 7 dice types required for role-playing. Compatible with any d20 system or dungeons and dragons: 1xd4, 1xd6, 1xd8, 1xd10, 1x%, 1xd12, 1xd20. We float test all our dice for balance during production.

*Dice not really carved from dragon bone…but maybe one day

These dice are perfect for any adventure whether you’re playing DnD, Pathfinder, or some other homebrew tabletop RPG campaign with your friends.

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 1.5 cm


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