Strawberry Shortcake Layered Dice


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These multicolored layered dice are a masterful feat of delicious dice decadence! To make your own Strawberry Shortcake Dice, first take a pint of blood from the enemy you most recently vanquished. Ideally, an evil human warlock or fell dark elf. Note: using goblin or orc blood will not work and may result in an entirely different set of dice. Next, take the ichor of a white dragon wyrmling. Caution: do not attempt to extract wyrmling blood if parent is nearby and the party should be at least level 7 before attempting this. Bake each substance in a set of die molds of your choice. We use the ancient dwarven master forge of Khal’duen for our dice molds, but any ancient master forge should serve.

When the dice layers are almost fully baked,  slam them together with the force of a thousand sword blows. You can also leave them on the edge of a closing dimensional door for similar effect. Allow to cool for one to two generations, following this etch numbers with the tears of renegade nymphs. Alternatively just grab a set of these layered dice we made earlier, everyone will still think you defeated the warlock, don’t worry.

Sprinkle (ideally using a natural 20) over marauding bands of thugs to resolve the situation, or serve alongside a DC 15 dexterity check to halve any fireball damage coming your way!*

*Not all rolls are guaranteed to pass a DC 15 dexterity check. Dicebard is not responsible if your character dies, consequently do not fireball yourself with only enough hit points to survive half damage! Do not attempt to fend off marauding thugs in the real world using a d20. We have found mixed results repelling actual thugs by brandishing a layered dice at them.

What in the set?

The typical 7 dice set of role-playing, d20 system dungeons and dragons dice: 1xd4, 1xd6, 1xd8, 2xd10, 1xd12, 1xd20

We float test all our dice for balance at time of production.

When to use your dice…

Your Strawberry Shortcake layered dice d8 is a common damage dealing dice. A regular sized longbow, long sword, rapier or axe all do 1d8 damage plus suitable modifier (as of fifth edition D&D). Use your Strawberry Shortcake d8 to work out the damage output for these martial weapons.

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