The Forbidden Treasure of Miftenmad


Miftenmad is a cross between Yahtzee and Dungeons & Dragons. It blends fun dice combos with a simple RPG storyline.


Welcome to Miftenmad, one of the most dangerous cities in the Unremembered Realms. While sitting in a tavern with other local rogues, a heavily injured man stumbles through the front door and collapses on the floor! He reveals, with his dying breath, that there are rooms full of treasure chests, in a small abandoned dungeon near the southern end of town.

As the tavernkeeper screams at you for not paying your bill and leaving a mess, you and the others race to the dungeon. Who will claim the most treasure? Who will survive the many deadly traps? Some say your future is just a roll of the dice….

If you like dice games such as Yahtzee, but also like role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, you’ll love The Forbidden Treasure of Miftenmad. This game is fun for the whole family and is for ages 8 and up. Play solo or against any number of players. A typical game session runs around 30 minutes for 4 people.


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