Juicy Watermelon Dice

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Once I ate a watermelon but I paid the price,
I tried to eat a watermelon, turned out it was dice!

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We see you there on your computer, drooling at our watermelon dice! Unfortunately they are strictly for rolling, not for snacking.
These dice are inspired by summer picnics in the Feywild – after you’ve cleared the area of trolls, nymphs, and hags, of course. They also evoke feelings of a long rest, and of taking refuge in the only tavern for hundreds of miles with fresh fruit. What luck! How delicious!

Does your ranger have a knack for growing fruits and vegetables? Do you play a wizard with special alchemical knowledge about watermelon seeds? Or are you simply a humble human who enjoys refreshing fruit on a hot summer day? These dice are for you, my friend.

What’s in the set?

This dice set contains the standard 7 dice types required for role-playing. Compatible with any d20 system or dungeons and dragons: 1xd4, 1xd6, 1xd8, 1xd10, 1x%, 1xd12, 1xd20. We float test all our dice for balance during production.

These dice are perfect for any adventure whether you’re playing DnD, Pathfinder, or some other homebrew tabletop RPG campaign with your friends.

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