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D&D Introduced Magic Emails… or Howlers….

In the upcoming Waterdeep – Dragon Heist you will now have the ability to use what Comicbook is calling “Magic Emails” and we like. While exploring the famed City of Splendors you can hop into a magic shop and purchase a these paper birds, which are magically imbued with the ability to fly off with your message and will find the recipient to deliver whatever you want to say.

Being shot down is a slight concern as they do only have an AC of 13 and 1 hit point. Don’t worry about security, these fine craftspeople have you taken care of as the bird will disintigrate into ash if anyone else tries to read it first or if it’s shot out of the air.

If you’re a bard planning on sending your publisher a manuscript of your latest novel, this isn’t going to be the best method of delivery, however. Each scroll can only accept up to 50 words, and once it’s completed you whisper the name of the recipient and it folds itself up and flies off. This is nice, as if there was a DEX check for the creation of the origami bird I would fail miserably.

Of course, you could always use “Sending” which has an unlimited distance… but why fill up your 3rd level spell slots with “Sending” when you could be writing little paper bird notes? I think it’s cute. You should too. I’m probably also going to house rule that you can just yell up to 5 words into it and upon receipt the bird will turn into a howler and recite the message before burning up in a flash before the horrified recipient.

You can pick up Waterdeep – Dragon Heist on September 18th so that you are ready for talk like a pirate day on the 19th with some great sea-faring adventures to play in. Also remember that when you play Waterdeep you should probably get a set of sexy Deep Sea Abalone Blue Brown Swirl Dice.

Hat tip to Christian Hoffer from Comicbook.