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4 Questions To Build A Better Backstory

Writing a DND backstory

We all have a backstory. And it contains events and people from our past that have shaped us to be who we are today. Maybe we had a turning point that made us more confident or an accident that made us afraid of something, and such things will reflect on our choices and personalities.

That is why character backgrounds are so important. They will make your character more interesting and fun to play with, giving you a more immersive experience on your play sessions. Playing with an interesting character backstory will make it easier for you to develop your character’s story whenever you play. That’s why we’re going to teach you how to create a good character backstory. Whether you’re writing your backstory for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Star Trek Adventures, or any other game these simple tips will help you create a great character backstory.

  1. Where did your character come from?

    Your character’s hometown will define his accent, his mannerisms, his culture, and many other characteristics. For example, it’d be weird for a Drow that came from the Underdark to know a lot about the surface races, or worse, get along with them.

  2. Why did they join a group of adventurers?

    Everyone has a reason why they have picked a career or a path in their lives, and your characters should have one too. Their reasons should get along with their personalities and their goals.

  3. What are their goals?

    Giving characters a goal or a dream to pursue will define a lot of their actions during their adventures. While not giving it a goal can be a good thing too, you should give your character something to look for in his life. For example, if you are playing a warrior that just wanders to feel the thrills adventures, then he will have the seeking of thrills as his goals.

  4. Do they have important things to remember?

    Giving your character memories of his past can help you with character development. A grudge, a lost love or a fallen comrade can give your character fuel to their story, so always give your characters things to remember.

There are many other things you can give a character to solidify their backstory, and each one of them can help you make your games more interesting and fulfilling to play. Give your character secrets, friends, rivals, anything that can let your character grow and have fun with it!


What’s your backstory?