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5 Great Games To Play Over Beers

Today is National Beer Lover’s day and to celebrate here are 5 great beer board games, beer RPGs, and beer party games to play over a beer or five. Did we mention beer?

TTRPG: Paranoia

This wacky Tabletop RPG is quick to pick up and [redacted], there are rules but you’re not allowed to read the [redacted] book otherwise you might actually be a terrorist.

This game is set in the immense, entirely underground, futuristic city: Alpha Complex. Every person’s needs are all met (including mandatory happiness) by your friendly civil service AI Computer. The Computer is the games main antagonist, and the fears of a number of threats to it’s perfect society. You play as a troubleshooter, clones tasked with finding and shooting all threats to the perfection of your society… threats such as communists, mutants, and of course The Outdoors. Of course, some of the players may actually have ulterior motives.

This game encourages fun levels of paranoia and making accusations of your friends for absurd reasons… but then again… why wouldn’t you accuse them? Are you a communist? You can checkout Paranoia from Mongoose Publishing.

Party Game: Dude

Duuuude, dude, dewd… SWEEET. Dude was a breakout hit from GenCon 2018 because the game is easy to learn and a great game to just start playing. You can easily play this game on beer 4 and still have a great time. The basic concept of the game is you have cards that say “dude” but spelled out in different ways and everyone is trying to say dude the way it’s said on their card and when two people match you yell “SWEET” and show each other your dude cards. You get a point if you match. It’s a lot like Happy Salmon but without all the moving around.

It’s really that easy. It is a target exclusive, but you can also find copies on ebay or over at boardgame geek. Dude is published by North Star Games who you can find on Twitter.

Board Game: Burgle Bros

If you know Tim Fowers games, you know he is a reliable source for fantastic work. While Burgle Bros might need a little more focus on Dude, it still certainly deserves a place on this list. I’m going to just list the overview from the website but if you want to play oceans 11, or even silly oceans 11 this is going to be your game:

Burgle Bros. – the ultimate tabletop Heist – is a cooperative game for 1-4 players. Burgle Bros. blends easy-to-learn rules with the brain-twisting puzzles and high tension excitement. Winning the game requires stealth, planning, and a little bit of luck. In the tradition of classic heist movies like Ocean’s 11 and The Italian Job, you assemble your crew, make a plan, and pull off the heist of the century.

  • Push your luck or play it safe – your decisions impact everyone

  • Be sneaky – Find clever solutions to get out of sticky situations

  • Rogue-like boardgame – each game creates a unique puzzle

  • Swap floors and think in 3 dimensions to evade the guards

  • Cool tools like a Smokebomb, EMP – even Donuts!

You can find Burgle Bros on Fowers own shop along with all his other fantastic games.

Party Game: Secret Hitler

At our table, Secret Hitler is how we start the night, how we end the night, and frequently what we play in-between. If beer makes you loose lipped, this might not be the best for you. If beer makes you more likely to shout at someone yelling “YOU’RE HITLER YOU’RE HITLER!” then you might consider picking this one up. Secret Hitler is a party game for 5-12 people.  I am so in love with the art work, the playability, the scalability, and the game mechanics. The game is very well balanced and the perfect level of random.

With the kickstarter version there are also stickers so that instead of being secret Hitler, you can be a certain American politician.

Pick up Secret Hitler at your local gamestore or online or basically anywhere.

TTRPG: Honey Heist

After playing Burgle Bros you decide you want to do a little more burglarizing but have decided that Burgle Bros is too much “Cat Burglar” and you want to be a “Bear Burglar” then in that very specific set of circumstances Honey Heist is for you. Made by the ever talented Grant Howitt, Honey Heist is a simple one page TTRPG that a DM could pick up even after a beer or two and still put together a game.

Honey Heist is totally free, here are the rules. That said, you should totally check out Grant’s website for all his other work, or maybe buy him a beer on patreon.



TTRPG: Dread

This is a game you might not want to finish National Beer Lover’s day with, but we are in September and if you are getting those spooky fall feelings and also want to play a game of Jenga, you should check out Dread.  The basic rules are free, you can learn more about the game and download the basic rules here.

If you don’t already watch our (on hiatus) bi weekly web series “Dice Bard Presents: Dread” you are really missing out and you can check out our twitch channel to see what this game is all about.

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